(Above…  Paige and I waiting to cheer on the Marathon Runners in Orlando this past January)

Meet Paige Livesay. I’ve met her a few times.  The first time was while in Haiti.  She’s one of the Livesays 7 children.  I always love being around young people who have huge hearts.  The last time I was in Haiti visiting Frankie she was plugging away at gathering kids for a neighborhood club and then on a later visit she was a big part of the womans program at Heartline speaking Creole and translating as women were in labor.  Yeah she is 15.

This past January right before the earthquake she cheered a group of us ladies on as we ran the half or full Marathons.  Now check out what she is doing.  She is running one herself in hopes to partner with Heartline to start funding for homes to be rebuilt for families that need to be matched.  She set her goal for 6500.00 and on the first day of her post she matched her goal and then went on to top it 100% by the end of the day.  Then a housing company came in and said for every house she could raise money for, (2500) per house… they would match it and build one.  So right now Paige with help of so many has raised funds for 10 homes and so 20 homes will be built and given through Heartline for families in need.  I have a feeling the end number of houses which each represent a family’s life will blow us all away.

In the post earthquake so many people have no where to go to after they recover.  Now some will.  I think what Paige is doing is AMAZING.  And yes, one person can make a difference.  She is.  Won’t you help her?   Heartline has been imbedded in Haiti for the past 20 years.  They are the hands and feet of Jesus doing wonderful ministry.  It’s an honor to partner with them.  They raised and cared for our son while we were in the waiting.  In light of the earthquake they immediately went to work and opened a local hospital/clinic in the old Boys home.  And now as many are still there and recovering, once they have recovered they have no where to go.  So Heartline is helping families rebuild their homes.  Talk about a holistic ministry. 

Catch up on Her News:  If you can help her out.  Your donation is automatically doubled and that in itself is a HUGE win!  You are amazing Paige!  Inspiring too!

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