Amazing what 24 hrs can do.

We left this past Monday night to head to Pawleys Island to be with the group from 3D Ministries.  Dave attended a “tasters” conference with them a few months ago and came back blown away by this group of people and the mission, vision and passion they have for the church and discipleship.  There have been less than a handful of times that I’ve actually seen Dave moved like this before so I was thrilled that I was able to go along and meet the people I’ve heard so much about.

I had no expectations.  I had no idea that the Lord was going to use 24 hrs to impact my heart. I love when He does that because it’s often when we are not looking for it or least expect it. Words spoken all fell into place as we moved from one moment to the next.  I think when your heart beats to live community that when you stumble upon pockets of it that are truly genuine and intentional you can’t help but to fall deep into the moment.  Just being around them I learned so much more about being  a mother, wife, ministry partner, friend.  I always want to be open to learn.  To change the way I think about things.  To be able to hear when it’s the moment to hear.  It was just a blessing to be around people who truly abide.  And I have a lot to learn about abiding.  I hope we brought some encouragement to them too.

It’s funny because I feel lately I’ve had so many life changing moments (Frankie for one).  On the road walked there definatley have been some crazy “twists” “roads closed”, “bridge opened that saves you miles. And there have also been a few of these just off the path trails that slightly change the course you are currently walking right now but looking in the future you know they will have major impact on where the road turns up.  I feel like I personally had one of those moments in less than 24 hrs.  It’s so good and so humbling too.