I’m spending the day with these two amazing kids above.  We are really starting to get into the groove of things around here.  I’m feeling more settled and I think Frankie is too.  I feel a Target run on the horizon! The strangest thing is that for the past 2 years I have been following blogs of so many people adopting from Haiti.  I have celebrated as some of those children have come home and followed along up to till a few weeks ago people’s struggles on the wait.  And then in a matter of a week an earthquake, humanitarian parole, and our children coming home.  Despite this awful tragedy all of us who were in the adoption process have our kids home or are in the process of getting them home which means I have had access to instant community of heart passions.  I am able to read other peoples stories about how they are doing and be encouraged as I read their joys and struggles and know that I am not alone in this whole transition.  I am learning SO MUCH from them. 

As much as I was so unprepared and had so much more reading and other things to do the great thing is that now I’m learning with a team of people as to how to handle this transition.  And the chance of that happening like it has is well another one in a million chances.  Another piece of beauty in this broken thing that has happened.

I follow lots of people.  Wanted to share with you blogs that I follow.  You see, our story is just one of SO MANY stories out there.  Each one God is writing.  I’m thankful to have the opportunity to read others stories and share ours.  Here are some of the  people I follow…  I have more but my kids are begging me to “get off the computer mom!”

Heartline Blogs (Frankie’s Friends)
His Blog, Her Blog: Brought home Sammy and Gino from Heartline. Tim is the one who helped get Frankie out of Haiti!  Ran with Jen in Orlando
Jabluvonsky Family Blog: Brought home twins Mark and John in November.  Jennifer was a huge help in finding ways to get the kids out and has also been a great ear for me.
Four2Six: Brought home Naomi and Amelia from Heartline. Good adoption friends! Sarah and I visted Haiti together twice. 
Rageagainstheminivan: Brought home Kembert and one of Frankie’s friends. Amazing family. Ran the half marathon with Kristen in Orlando.

Other Blogs I follow:
Debra Parker – One Girl:  They brought Ronel Home.  Good adoption friends! Visited Haiti with Debra 2x
DreamingBIGdreams: Brought home Amos. Good adoption friends! Jamie lead the trip on my first trip back to Haiti.  Have learned so much from her. 
A Twinkle in my eye:  Blog friend Amanda who brought home Joshua.  Hope to one day meet her and her family.
Adopting Kemley: Blog friend Kristin who adopted Kemly.   They just got their dossier in Haiti this past November and now Kemly is home.  May be the shortest wait ever! 🙂
Bringing our boys home from Haiti:  I can’t tell you how happy I am that Ian and Alec and  are home.  Funny thing is that Stephanie lives in Chile and our friends the Reichley’s.. David’s sister lives in Chile and they know them!  Small world but not really!
From Haiti to Home: Blog friend Cathy who brought home Delmace
Whaiting for our Daughter: Blog Friend Tracy who brought home Avery.  I can’t wait to one day meet their family.
Sea Salt Mosaic: Julie and her journey to bring her kids home.