I’ll never truly understand what it is inside a child that allows them to accept and hear things that stir them to compassion and concern.  I should not be surprised.  I have seen my own daughter without fail, ask about Sterling almost every night and pray for him.  She is so concerned about him. (Sterling is 6 and recently had a tumor removed from his brain and is still having seizures)  Becca if you read this we must come see you soon.

I watch 4 year old Eli as he is watching the pre show to the Superbowl and see’s a story unfold about a family who does not have a home and he stops eating his chips and dip and says, mom we need to pray for them.

I get emailed by a friend who’s family has been so supportive of our adoption and her son Ben just last week wanted to pray for Frankie and his friends one night before bed.

WE ARE BLOWN AWAY BY THE POWER OF CHILDREN, their compassion and their concern.

Here are two stories I wanted to share.  One is of a church and one is of a second grade class who heard of our story and of Haiti and the devistation….and felt compelled to do something for where Frankie is from. 

The children at Crossroads Community Church in Simpsonville, SC collected an offering to help Haiti to send to Heartline where Frankie was at.  They collected 105.00. AMAZING!   – We hope to take Frankie there soon to say thank you!

I also received an email from the Spartanburg Herald who did our story a few weeks ago about a teacher from a second grade class in Spartanburg, SC who was looking for info from us –   She said, “My students wanted to do something to help the children in Haiti after the earthquake there. We talked on 1/19 as a class and decided to bring in change we could fit in a film canister. Each child had one. By Friday we had $81.19. At that point, we decided to name the project and the children wanted to bring in $100 by the 100th day of school which was on Wednesday, 1/27. We named the project $100.00 by The 100th Day: The Helping Haiti Project. On the hundredth day, our total was $124.14!

Here is what we need. I told my students about the family…I believe the Rhodes??? that adopted the little boy named “Frankie.” I told them about him coming from an orphanage there. We decided as a group that we would like to send our money to that orphanage in Haiti. Obviously we will need help to find out information to do this I’m not sure who wrote the stories about that family. I am hoping you do. If you could pass this information on to that reporter, we would like for the reporter to get in touch with the family and perhaps they will contact us. The children are very interested in Frankie.   We are in a few weeks going to be able to visit this class with Frankie and say thank you.  AMAZING!

Never…ever…ever… underestimate the power of Children, their compassion, their concern.  I think Dave and I and our whole family have been blown away by it.