My friend Courtney made this video for us from past pictures and footage over the past few weeks. .  I’m sure you all are getting sick of seeing pictures and footage.  This really summed up for me our journey in pictures.  This is home.  Our family is now where it belongs.  I’ve cried every time I watch this.  I think because it represents so much closure to me.  Today marks 2 weeks that Frankie has been home.  In the past 3 weeks our lives have changed for the good forever.  I have so much on my heart to share yet not enough time in the day to be sure I articulate it.  It will come.  I promise.

I will be sure to tell the countless stories of the way so many people have blessed us in this process.  I am blown away from 2 years ago until now  as we are shown love.  I am blown away at what we have heard groups of people have done to raise support for Haiti and especially for Heartline where Frankie was from… children giving of their money to send to help. 

A little boy is asleep upstairs in a room with his sisters.  He is home.  This is home.  He is now where he belongs.  What a ride it has been!