No word from the Embassy today about our kids. Still waiting. There are children coming home. We hope It’s just a matter of time for Frankie and his crew.  We trust God’s timing and we trust the people that are in place and making the best decisions on our behalf.


Someone, please tell me what day it is today and what time it is?

Please tell my children that I have not lost my hearing.  I do hear them, I’m just glued to the computer.

Eat?  Seriously?  We are supposed to do that?

Numb, I told Dave today that I feel numb.  Like I’m here but not here in bodily form.

Tired.  Cranky. depleted. Fried.

I’m running on fumes.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  But then I am reminded so quietly that there is a bigger picture being played out here and I need to remember to just breathe.  People are fighting for their lives as rescue efforts continue.  Heartline completed Day 2 of clinic where it was reported by Troy  that, “Our clinic turned into a hospital,and our sewing room into a surgical ward,and an arm was amputated with a reciprocating saw.” So for me to say I’m spent, well I probably need to find a better word.

Frankie is in good hands.  He’s loved.  He’s cared for.  And for now, that will have to be enough.