Woke up this morning to a text message from a friend then a phone call from Dave’s mom to news of another 6.1 earthquake in Haiti.  Got on Facebook as soon as I could and saw from  Troy Livesay (who is in Haiti) that all the Maranatha children and Heartline caretakers are safe.  Whew!  I’m telling you what this rollercoaster ride is giving me some major thrills and I’m begging the operator to “let me off!”

I know you are hearing that children are beginning to come home. This is true!  We are so thankful.  We are confident that Frankie and all the Heartline children will be coming home soon as well.  PLEASE DON’T STOP PRAYING.  He can do that.

Right now people are there, Tim.. Megan..Byron..others fighting for these children to get the documents they need to get out.  There are also children from other orphanages there that are in much greater need of getting out due to the total destruction of their housing situation.  As much as we want Frankie on a plane to the United States ASAP we also know he is ok and as secured as he can be in the current situation.  So we understand the need for those others who need priority.  We are just SO THANKFUL to our government for allowing humanitarian Parole.  We don’t often thank the government but I’m giving them a HUGE shout out from the Rhodes home…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Whether we get the call in 6hrs or 24 hrs or 4 days from now, or next week…. we are thankful that HE IS COMING HOME.

Pray for these kiddo’s.  I know you are.  Pray that in the waiting that God would prepare their hearts for the big transition that is to come.  HE can do that.  Pray for their nannies because when the time does come they will say good-bye.  These ladies have watched and loved these children like their own  day and night for years and in a moment soon approaching these children will all be gone and that is going to be very very hard.  Pray that God prepares the nannies hearts for that time. HE can do that.

The Nannies that love these kids SO MUCH.   Pray for them.

These kids that love each other SO MUCH – Pray for them and all that is going on and the transitions that will be happening.

(caption for this picture: “Who wants to go home?”  I think you see their answer.