THANK YOU ABC for letting us share our story. I know both Dave and I pray that as all our stories get out  that we and others can move from struggling for our children to being with them. ((GREAT NEWS – tonight the whole adoption community got word that Humanitarian Parole will be offered to all those who are currently in the process of adopting from Haiti.))

Praying tonight for the people of Haiti as the sun has now set on another day. It was very hard today to see the reports of babies out of formula, water not being available, people still needing major medical attention, hospitals not being able to treat people.  May tomorrow bring great pockets of beauty for many people in the brokenness that has the country captured.

Heartline Ministries ran it’s first clinic today.  They are making major impact in the community that they have lived and have been imbedded at for the past 20 years.  Support Frankie, his friends, his nannies and families and medical treatment for the people of their community by giving to