I blogged this morning about ABC or Diane please hear us…. and well who knows how but they did.

Dave and I just got done doing a skype video call with Diane Mendez and she’ll share our story tonight on ABC World News.  Our heart is that we hopefully did a good job  representing all of us adopting families who are currently in the process of a Haitian adoption who’s kids are in Haiti and who we are all trying so desperately to get home. 

 We are just so thankful for the opportunity to have our story and part of our lives shared.  It’s crazy.  At any moment life can throw you a curve and you can be given opportunity to have your voice heard.  We hope we are honoring the attention we have been given.

It seems at every hour news happens and things change.  Until all  these kids are home we’ll keep talking about it and doing everything we can to bring awareness to the situation.  Each of us has our role to play in response to the devastation in Haiti.  We know that this is our families response.

We really hope Hope it helps everyone in the adoption process and most importantly the children of Haiti.

Tune in….   Thank you ABC for giving our voice a platform!