I’m thankful that there has been much happy news to share these past few days.  Izzie’s birthday, our upcoming trip to see Frankie, Movement of our papers…  and even more happy news to share.

This time last week I was recovering from the Greenville, SC half marathon.  Ready to hang up my shoes.  But by the end of the evening I knew there was one more thing that I needed to do.  You see, I ran the 200m and 400m dash in high school (a long time ago) but I’ve never been a distance runner.  This last January a friend asked if I wanted to train for and attempt a half marathon.  I said “sure”.  Why?  Because I just finished having children and I had not got my heart rate up in over 10 years.  I wanted to do it for ME.  Training for it was hard but we did it and in April I completed my first ever Half Marathon.  I never thought I could run that far. 

After that one another friend asked if I would train and run one with her.  In a lapse of insanity and forgetfulness I agreed.  This time I wanted to do it for SOMEONE ELSE. I really struggled training for this one.  A few times I did not think I would live up to my commitment to her.   I’m so not a natural runner and it’s hard for me to train.  But in the end we did it.  Never thought I would do one half marathon let alone 2 in one year.
And then just when I’m ready to finally stop torturing myself, I hear that inner prompting voice tell me there is one more race to be run.  And I might even dare say that this whole year of random running was possibly to prepare me for one last race.  This time I am running for a PURPOSE.  So I will humbly join a current group of  marathoners and attempt one last push for a half marathon.  To help raise money for a VERY GOOD cause and bring awareness to a ministry that is changing the lives of women in Haiti.  
So what am I running for?  Through our process with adopting Frankie I have met some wonderful people who live and are serving in Haiti.   I love Heartline the place where Frankie is being raised.  They are doing so many amazing and impactful things as they find many avenues of serving those in Haiti.  Heartline is Run by John and Beth McHoul, who have been in Haiti over 20 years.  Their mission includes an orphanage, a sewing school, a child development program, and a prenatal program. Recently, the prenatal program was expanded to include a birthing center, run by midwives.  The last time I was there… they were getting ready to offer the birthing center.  I can’t wait to see it for myself here next week!
So that is the big news.  This January 10th I will be running for a purpose.  Check out this link and read all about it.  I’m going to start posting info leading up to the race.  But for now just wanted to announce what’s happening with me, my heart for Haiti and investing in others through an amazing opportunity.  If that tugs at your heart at all check out the heartline runners blog!