We had a big moment of Celebration last night in this long process of adopting our son through Haiti. You see this paperwork below? Big news… It’s out of IBESR.


I’ve celebrated with other families as they have been informed of the progress of their papers. And I must say I underestimated the pure screaming joy and what it would feel like to be personally told the same news. I could not stop running around the house and screaming. Then the girls started screaming. And then we hit the play button on our favorite black eyed peas song and danced away. Then facebook and texting and phone calls. Whew! what a time.It’s just one small step but it’s a huge step. Momentum can to do the heart good. So we celebrate answered prayer. We now change our prayer from getting our papers out of IBESR to getting them into MOI. And most important of all we keep praying for our dear friends who are still waiting to get their papers in the system. My heart continues to break for them as they wait. But I know I will be celebrating with them one day soon where this same news that we got yesterday will penetrate their hearts and bring them so much joy…. and we’ll continue to celebrate each step.