Do you ever run across a picture that says it all?  I just did this weekend.  Our friends from FL were up last weekend who I have not seen in 12 years and they were able to see my race.  Gina snapped a picture and just tagged me on it this weekend.  We all hopefully have those people in life that  love us fully… regardless of all the junk and mess that we are. That will choose to walk with us through the good and bad.  It’s been no lie that the past 6 months have brought much stress, change,  joys, struggles, questions, confirmations, confidence, clarity, confusion…. you get my point.  It’s really not life without it and if you can’t relate can you let me know what planet you live on? 

Dave was gone this weekend in KY and I had lots of time to be here with the girls and reflect on life.  And the reason I get through so many questions that come and go on our journey is because of this man.  It really is a joy to do life with him and I’m always amazed that God saw fit to allow me to walk with him.  He supports me in my personal dreams and passions and encourages me to do things that without his encouragement I might have never done. 

Dave and me at race

Sorry for the mushy gooshy post but it’s just been a mushy gooshy time and I just needed to share