So here is the thing.  I worked myself up all week for this run today only to do it and realize it was not half as bad as I made it out to be mentally.  Seriously people.. I’ve spent way too much time thinking about it.  For instance… even last night as I tossed and turned I was hearing the rain outside.  And the whole night I kept thinking that we’d have to call the run off.  It’s like growing up in New York as I did and going to bed knowing a snow storm was supposed to come and you are anticipating all night the cancellation of school the next morning.

And even more awful is that last night I dreamed that I found out I was pregnant (which is not and will not be the case) but the whole big deal of it was that I was able to tell Wendy that I could not run with her anymore and how sorry I was.  Go figure!

So all that to say, get over yourself, Kim.  There will be no more whining and negative running talk coming from me on my blog.  I’m done and over it and know after today that the next few weeks will be good, as good as training can get.

And if you happen to live in the Greenville, SC area why don’t you come out the morning of  October 31st and give us a huge cheer as we cross the finish line downtown Greenville.  Oh wait, Wendy, are you reading this???  That means we need to sign up for this thing.  Yeah, us dedicated runners have yet to sign up for the half and yes it’s 2 weeks away.  Maybe they will be full?  Nope, just checked. Plenty of room.  Darn.