We receive a monthly email from Heartline.  The ministry that one aspect of it takes care of Maranatha  Childrens Home.  This month they featured info about Maranatha.  So many of you have asked me about Frankie and when I tell you how long the wait has been and will be… I always follow that with the comment of ” but we have so much peace because he is in the best possible place we could ever have hoped for.”  And let me let Beth tell you why….

I must tell you that we have the greatest kids and nannies at the children’s homes.  Although we have two houses and we could easily double the amount of children we have in the homes, we will not exceed twenty kids.  The reason for this is we want to keep a family style atmosphere and for each child to have a mother figure.  A family network is created where each child has siblings, aunties and a mom.  This sets a foundation for bonding with their new family and a life where they can attach and trust.  There is no substitute for this relationship.  Big orphanages can’t maintain these close types of relationships.  Babies and toddlers need a mom.  Children need someone watching them, caring for them and instructing them at all times.  For this reason, we choose quality over quantity.  Haiti has thousands of orphans.  We choose to help a few who will be able to live in a family, love a family and attach to their family.  We try to do it right and the results are eternal.  Children can love.  Children can function as family members.  Our kids are really close to each other and because adoptions take so long adoptive families are now friends.  Many of them have committed to keeping the kids in contact so they will grow up knowing their “Haiti Maranatha Family”. 
We intentionally stay small , we provide many nannies on purpose and we purpose for happy, healthy kids going to a home they can be a family member in.

We with twenty children are better able to give close and personal care and love during the two plus years that they are in Maranatha Children’s Home.  Adoptive parents can be assured that their waiting children are not left unattended, but rather as you can see in the schedule listed below the children’s days are quite full.

Even before the MARANATHA children wake their day is scheduled.  You have to be in good shape to keep up with our Maranatha Kids.


6:00 AM                     Wake-up
6:00 – 6:30                 Bathe & Get Dressed
6:30 – 7:00                 Breakfast
7:00 – 8:00                 Brush Teeth, Massage, Indoor Play
8:00 – 9:00                 Playdough, Swings, Monkey Bars, Trampoline                              
9:00 – 9:15                 Snack
9:15 – 11:00               Books, Blocks & Puzzles, Balls, Chalk, & Bicycles
11-11:30                    Lunch
11:30 – 2:00 PM          Nap Time
2:00 – 2:15                 Snack
2:15 – 3:00                 Video
3:00 – 4:00                 Outdoor Play: Swings, Trampoline, Bicycles
4:00 – 4:30                 Baths
4:30 – 5:00                 Indoor Play: Reading & Free Play
5:00 – 5:30                 Dinner
5:30 – 6:45                 Inside Play
6:45 – 7:45                 Nighttime Routine: Praise Video, Finger Play & Singing, Bible Story & Prayer
7:45 – 8:00                 Brush Teeth
8:00                           Bed

So as you can see Frankie is in GOOD HANDS.  We are so blessed to have found Heartline in this process and  which is another reason why this picture to this date is still one of my favorites.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much peace it brings to me when I’ve had a hard day thinking about him or a sad day missing out on his life from day to day right now.  I’m thankful for the people he has bonded with and who love him so much.


I have another big post brewing…  one that has been needed to be written for a LONG time.  It’s the post on the people… all the people who have helped us in this process financially and through their prayers.  There is not a time in a conversation or when I think of Frankie that I don’t think about all the people who are attached and bonded in this journey who have helped us…  not one moment.  Many days I’m too overwhelmed when I think about it.  But in this waiting…  all I have to do is think of the support and help people have given us and the wait, well it seems so much more bearable.