Today our church had a time in the service for prayer for families who have adopted and are adopting.  The crowd is growing.  Love it.  This morning we asked Emma if she wanted to stand with us.  She wanted to.  Funny thing is that after church we had a few people stop us and tell us that they did not know that we had adopted her.  No telling how many other people think that.  I filled them in on our adoption of Frankie from Haiti.  Always love a chance to share a little of our family with people.

Today is a day that is a simple day but can leave me personally so aware of this process.  It’s easy to keep moving with life and not stop and think that we have known of Frankie now for a year and a half.  Today I became painfully aware of the absence of his presence.  Aware of the journey we walk.  Aware of the details and mountains we have already crossed but look at the ones ahead that seem so big.  I went back on my tracking on my blog  just to be reminded of this process.   It was May 2008 that we discovered Heartline and I saw Frankie for the first time standing in his crib not knowing that in a few months random things would come together and he would be that certain child that would be referred to us. 

10/09/09 – All docs done for HS
10/01/09 – Kim Physical…………
09/29/09 – Dave Physical……….
09/25/09 – Fingerprinted………..
08/15/09 – Have to redo HS…….
08/01/09 – 1-600A on Hold………
07/27/09 – Filed our I-600A……..
07/17/09 – Home Study update…
04/24/09 – Submitted into IBESR
02/08/09 – Waiting to get into IBESR
10/16/08 – Dossier arrived in Haiti.
10/10/08 – Dossier to Haiti!!!!!!!!
10/06/08 – Docs. back from Chicago
09/30/08 – Sent documents to Chicago
09/17/08 – All docs. translated
09/15/08 – Sent docs to get State Authenticated…………………….
08/21/08 – Psych Evaluation……
08/14/08 – Sent off 2 documents for State Certification in PA and FL.
08/13/08 – Final Home Study Visit
08/06/08 – Dave Physical………..
08/05/08 – Kim Physical………….
07/16/08 – Referral of Frankie……
07/15/08 – Second Home Study Visit
06/27/08 – Found Translator……
06/26/08 – Sent off Application…
06/26/08 – First Home Study Visit
06/06/08 – Found Homestudy person
05/13/08 – Received Application..
05/12/08 – Contacted Heartline..
05/04/08 – Visited Heartline in Haiti

Just last week Dave and  I booked a trip to go see our son.  We’ll head to Haiti in November.  I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to take Dave to see Haiti for the first time and to also have him meet his son for the first time.  It’s been almost 10 months since I last saw him.   10 Months of pictures. Here is one taken just a few weeks ago from our friends who were there visiting their daughter.  The only good thing about this whole long process is that we’ve had the chance to meet and journey with people who know exactly what we are feeling since they are in the midst of the same emotions and journey.  The internet and blogging and facebook has been huge for connection.  I’m so thankful for the people we have met in this process.


Can you believe this guy?  He is growing.  His hair is growing. (although he’s been asking for it to be cut)


Frankie with Shelley.  Shelley and her husband take care of the care of all the children in the boys and girls home.  We are so thankful for them and the care and direction they give the nannies that care for the kids.  They are doing all they can to prepare them to successfully bond with our family and our life here.


And here is my best picture yet.  This is my friend Sarah who actually got me all of these pictures.  There is nothing like a friend whom you’ve journeyed the adoption road with..  well this picture says it all for me.  I’m thankful for them and glad she was able to love on Frankie.  I’m hoping to return the favor in November.

So days like today?  They are hard ones.  Would not trade any of this journey.  The thing is, when God places something on your heart… at least for us we want to be obedient.  We love that we get to grow our family through adoption.  We would encourage anyone who has that desire at all to look into it and go for it.  We’ve already learned so much.  Am I scared of all the what if’s that could be waiting for us down the road?  Sure I am.  I pray every day that the Lord would prepare all of our hearts for the time when we all get to be under one roof and be family.  I’m made ever so aware of the threads that are already being strung together as each night Izzie our almost three year old prays for Frankie.  Every night she says “thank you God for Frankie. ”  We agree.  We are thankful for our two girls and our one son who make this life we life all the more richer.