So many things. 

I’ve taken on way too much in life these days.  Most evenings I am just spent and the mornings come so fast that I wonder how I can back the clock up and get my night back.

Today, Dave and I head to Charlotte to get fingerprinted for our 1600-A form.  It’s still not filed.  We attempted to file it back in July but we were told at the time that we needed to re-do our home study since it was more than 6 months old.  That will be finished next week so off to get the fingerprints.  Just another small step in this LONG PROCESS.

Three Adoptive families from Maranatha have all in the past few weeks and this week gone to visit their precious children.  I’m missing Frankie BIG TIME this month.  It’s been a hard “missing him” month.  I feel guilty for not being able to go more often.  With each family it’s always different and for us we are doing what we can do but I still feel guilty that I’m letting him down.  Looking forward to taking Dave to  Haiti for the first time this November to see his son.

I also leave today to stay in Charlotte for the weekend for the Ramblin Rose Tri with 17 other ladies.  My friend Courtney has been heading this whole thing up.  I’m pretty nervous about race day…. because I have done little training in the swim and bike portion.  I don’t race swim… never have but I think I’ll still make it.  I’ve done a few trials.  I’m just going to go and have lots of FUN.  No pressure.  Run the race and have a blast while doing it. I’m not too worried (just a little) about surviving the tri since my friend Wendy and I are training for a half at the end of October.  Last week we logged 16 miles of training for the week.  This week has been an off week since we are prepping for the tri but next Saturday we hit 7 as our long run. Slowly getting there.  Still wonder what I’m thinking about doing a half again.

Tennis… well I am wondering when you throw the racket in?  I love playing but when it comes to our league matches I’m awful.  I’ve been playing 5-8 hrs a week on average and still feel so far behind the other ladies ranked at what I am.  I love playing… I hate playing bad…. oh the joys of getting back into the game…. many days I think I need to throw in the racket… the racket from 1999. 

PTO- WOW, did not realize I was taking on another “job”.  It’s been a blessing getting to know people at Emma’s school and feeling like I’m helping out.  But what an amazing amount of work that often comes with lots of communication barriers .  I’m finally getting the hang of things in accounting world and most of this week was spent opening hundreds of fundraising packets.  You know the crap that gets sent home for your kids to sell?  The good news about it is that we have made some great money to help fund some extra things at the school this year.  That pumps me up!  But still never thought about the person having to organize that whole things… yuck.

HOA – Cookout that was planned for last weekend was rained out (of course… it’s always rains when you plan something) and is now rescheduled for next weekend.  Lots of planning and details to confirm.  I love our neighborhood and the families here.  Glad to help make opportunities for our lives to intersect.  But always something to do…

Wayfarer – So busy trying to fit my part-time schedule work into my new part part time schedule work.  It’s a hard time but like our camp theme last year… Wayfarer is on the Verge of greatness.  I’m a little biassed… but from the glimpses that I get, I get so pumped about this next year for Wayfarer and the heart of what we do… that is becoming defined.  Wow, do I really get to ride this ride?  I’m glad I’m tall enough. Ha!

Dave – Well hopefully we’ll talk today.  (smiles)  He went to the South Carolina game last night and at 1AM before heading to bed I called his phone only to be annoyed… It’s dead.  Had not heard from him since the afternoon… Called his dad’s phone who then picked up and asked to speak to my husband.  “Babe, why did you not call me?  I was getting worried.. I had not heard from you all day?” His reply… “my phone died”  my reply  ” did you not think to use one of the other 3 phones in the car with you to check in with your dear worried wife?” ANd thus we know the answer to that one.  .  The joys of being married. LOL

The kids – I love my kids more than I can imagine.  They are the best kids ever….. assuming your kids are too.  We had an amazing day yesterday.  They bring so much joy to my life.  So much joy.  Kisses before bed and kisses and good mornings in the morning.  And lately the sweetest dreams for me about Frankie in Haiti.  I love Frankie dreams where I dream of just a normal day together with all of us.

I think I missed so many other bullet points.

So Many things….