We just got an update last week on Frankie.  I’ve been thankful for a busy season in life right now because it takes my mind off the waiting and knowing there is nothing we can do but wait….

Aaron Ivey just wrote a great post last week on why adoptions in Haiti take so long.  He and his wife Jamie are adopting two children Amos and Story from Haiti.  Check it out his post here you are wondering why all the waiting…. 

Here are the latest pictures of Frankie  and some Frankie news…..

Sept 09-5

And at a “movie night” with some of his friends…

Sept 09-6

and news from the people that love him so much……
We resumed our nightly routine with the children a week ago Monday.  During English Camp we were unable to maintain the nighttime routine because of our responsibilities with volunteers, dinner, and preparations for the following day’s responsibilities.  However, all of the children and nannies participated during the first hour of English Camp.  Our first hour consisted of calisthenics, singing – praise and worship songs, silly songs, camp songs – a Bible memory verse, and a Bible story – which was nearly always acted out.  The children loved it, and so did the nannies.  I was especially glad that they participated because I knew that they were still being spiritually fed.

I have been very impressed with Frankie’s development over the summer. When we had our last night time routines before English Camp started, he was still needing to be held nearly the whole time (if he wasn’t he was all over the place).  He would watch and enjoy our songs and stories, but did not participate very much.  Since we have resumed our nighttime routine Frankie has completely amazed me.  He will sit near me, sing most of the songs, and does all of the motions to the songs – he is attentive and obviously understanding everything.  His attention span has grown considerably!  Frankie repeats everything – in both English and Kreyol.  He also understands both languages.

Frankie loves his vitamins, loves to eat, loves to play, and is generally a very happy boy!