Technology is amazing.  You can embrace it or decide to not use it but for me,  it has given me amazing opportunity to impact people and be tremendously impacted by others.  It has made me so much more productive…for instance… today is my day off.  I’m about to head out the door and this morning and already……

  • I was able to wish my tennis partner a happy 50th b-day.
  • I saw a picture of a friend in High School who’s little girl went to Kindergarten today for the first time and was able to wish her well.
  • I made 2 dr’s appointments
  • checked in with my boss and sent info he will need for today
  • was encouraged by one of my blog friends posts who is raising Haitian children.  It seems every day I grow in knowledge of how to better prepare for having Frankie as our son.
  • corresponded with 2 people for events… One in Oklahoma and one in North Carolina.
  • checked in with some ladies from our PTO team that I will see in less than an hour.
  • Got 2 girls ready this morning… time to french braid hair and all
  • Packed lunches
  • Actually got ready myself for today…which means I put on make up and actually took a shower.
  • Had some good time with Dave this morning before he headed out the door… (conversation people!)
  • Dishes are being cleaned
  • Two loads of laundry about to be done.
  • Coffee (good to the last drop)

Well you get my point.  And today they would call me at stay at home mom?  Yeah right!  Now the funny thing is that I have 13 more hours in my day and possibly too much time on my hands to have time to even write a post like this.  What has my blogging come to!