What a season we are in right now.  The good news is that I’m sleeping.  (without the help of Advil PM) That was not the case a month back.  Sleeping restful enough to the point where I am each morning being stirred awake early ready to start my day.  Ready to take on “this day”   As like Matthew 6:34 is binding itself to who I am.  “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.  So I wake to start today and make the most of it that I possibly can.  It’s something that stirrs me awake.

Don’t worry.  Sorry to pun that again.  But don’t want you to think it’s bad here.  It’s not.  So when I share that I don’t want you all to think our lives are falling a part.  We are however in a midst of change and challenge.  But not the kind of journey that you dread taking.  It’s actually exciting, thrilling, and dare I say planned? When we look back I truly believe it will be marked as a milestone in our families journey.  A milestone to the things we give our lives to.

I just went part part time a while back but am SO BUSY.  Possibly too busy but that is ok.  I don’t like to sit around and so I’ve filled “my time” with things that I’m passionate about.  Playing tennis and crossing paths with people.  Serving on the PTO board and crossing paths with people..  Running with people and crossing paths with people, getting projects together for our HOA and crossing paths with people.

I’m thankful that living out God’s Kingdom looks so different in all of us.  And I’m so thankful that when He created us he did not create us as clones.  That we all have a unique relationship with Him.  There is a reason that my heart beats for certain things… there is a reason that yours does as well.  Wanna take a guess at what some of mine are?  If you read my blog for any length you’ll probably find woven together passions for family, Wayfarer, adoption, community, Haiti, tennis, running, children in need, my children.  And for this mom of three you better believe that I start each new day with all those things mentioned engraved on who I am and it radically effects each step I take.  Some-days I fail miserably.. other days  = success and the can’t believe that happened today moments.

And here is another thing.  I don’t expect other people to be passionate about the exact things I am and vice versa.  I believe we serve a God who births great passion and mission into people’s lives.  I love rubbing shoulders with other people and seeing their Kingdom work lived out.  It’s so inspiring.  I often run into people who have similiar desires as I do and we join the journey together for a while and encourage eachother and then sometimes I run into people that have way different passions than me but I get to learn from them and rub shoulders with them as well and encourage them on their Kingdom work as I continue mine.  It’s really a great dance.  Sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes we fumble and step on toes in the process but to learn the dance of advancing God’s Kingdom is something I would never trade. 

Kim, where are you going with all of this?  I really have no clue… just trying to articulate what’s been on my heart.  That is probably a good thing or bad thing.  I do know this,  I won’t stop sharing my life and the things I am learning. … even in the midst of some real obstacles that we are right now facing and the ones that we know are coming.  I’m not perfect and sometimes being my friend or knowing me can be messy but I can’t not share about the things I am learning.

Is the economy bad?  Yes.  Will that effect non profits? Yes.  Does that mean our family may have to do some shifting as we take on a new year? Yes. Will that call us to have to make different decisions with the use of our resources and time? Yes.  Do we worry? Well the answer should be No, but of course I do worry…. my mind tells me to worry ….  But our hearts tell us we should not and for that reason alone is why I believe I get stirred awake ready to take on a great day…. because at the end of the day nothing else matters but the fact that you are doing with your life what you are supposed to do.

Dave (who has now joined the FB and Twitter revoluion LOL) had a status update the other day that really hit me hard.  Provision: sometimes its moving into the Promised Land. Other times it’s walking through deserts with shoes and clothes that don’t wear out–both are miraculous works of God (Deut. 8)

We are and will continue to pray for the miraculous work of God in our lives.  And we really do TRUST God and his Provision for our family.  After all… we sit here and know we are extremely blessed beyond measure.  Too much so. 

Me and this Guy…. what a road….Let your KINGDOM COME!   (if you see Dave in this picture and chuckle… it’s because you know us well and know why I would not post any other picture but this one.)

 mothers day 09 006