This weekend we had family movie night.  Dave took the girls to pick out a movie.  Izzie came back with Care Bears and Emma came jumping in with Hannah Montana the Movie.  We never got to the theater to see it so I was excited myself to discover her pick. 

We watched the movie and then Saturday Emma starts asking about wanting a guitar.  Just so happens that her cool mom has one in the closet that I used to attempt to play when I was in college.  I’ve yet to introduce her to it so I figured what a perfect time.

She locked herself up in the guest room for over an hour and out she came with her songs.  “I’m a songwriter” she declared. 

Song 1 – My dad is a dog. (poor Dave)

My dad is crazy. My dad is nice. He’s like a dog.  He’s so Crazy.

Song 2. (thought this one was sweet)

I don’t want my dad to go away.  I miss him when he is gone.  I don’t want my dad to go away.  I miss him when he is not here.

And Song 3 (my favorite)

I see angels protecting me through the night.  I love God He is my Holy Father.  I will worship him my whole life.


I don’t think she has a future in singing/writing… but in her mind she is the next Hannah Montana.  I just smile and try not to laugh.  These are the days I don’t ever want to forget.  Days when anything is a possibility in their worlds.