I’ve met some amazing people on our adoption process through Haiti.  Three families have all this week emailed in with SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUESTS this week…  would you join me in praying for them in the process.

The Ivey’s.  Jamieand her husband Aaron are adopting these precious children from Haiti.  It’s been a long journey for them.  They are currently in MOI and are wanting to be out of there yesterday.  Would you pray that their files would get out of MOI today….  I’ve looked to Jaimie each step of my own journey.. Her realness on this process has kept me sane many times.  God has used her in my life so many times to comfort me and know that the road I journey has been taken before and it is possible to process this whole crazy wait.

Jamie and the kids….(so you can know who you are praying for)


I met Jason and Sarah last May when I returned to Haiti after many years.  It was their first trip to the country.  Since then Sarah has been back 2 times and they are in the process of taking their family from 4 to 6.  They are adopting Naomi from Maranatha where Frankie is at.  Naomi lives in the girls home and Frankie lives in the boys home but they get to interact with each other each day.  Jason and Sarah are waiting on their files to be submitted into IBESR.  They have had some complications with some of the laws that Haiti has… read about that here.  Would you join me in praying specifically for their files these next few days?  Pray that when they are submitted that they would be excepted without any problems at all.

Here is Jason and Sarah with Naomi taken just last month…


And last on my heart this morning is the Woodard Family.  Rachel and I have formed a wonderful email friendship (since we don’t get to see each other often) She has been a HUGE encouragement to me.  God has used her at some very hard times to send just the perfect amount of encouragement my way.  Rachel and her family are flying out of here next week to head to China to pick up this precious little girl… Gracie…  They started this process back in 2006 and next week begin the final step of this journey.  Would you pray for safe travels for them and that with the whole Swine Flu (that China is taking very seriously) that they would get through each check point with flying colors.


Gracie  has NO IDEA what is in store for her life.  None of these children.. Amos, Story, Naomi, Gracie, Frankie… have a clue at how God had laid it on the hearts of some of his people to desire to add to their family through adoption. Through that process and through our own stories and these precious children’s stories we have all found each other.  Their lives will be different.  All will leave their home country and journey to a land that is not their own..  But I know all of our prayers for all of our children is that God would take their journey’s and use them.. use their lives and our lives to make such beauty out of such potential brokenness…. 

And so please pray specificall for these three families these next few days with their specific needs…  And if you ever want to follow a great journey, put them on you blog readers!  Pray, Pray, Pray…