Summer is on.  Week 2 and we are already in our 2nd VBS.  Emma is having a blast at this one.  They let the kids do crazy things like… pass around applesauce with their hands, slide down tarps loaded with jello and slime and well you get the picture…  And of course she’s leaning lots about Jesus.

Here is how she came home last night…

summer 09 002

The smile was due to this…

emma slide

and this…


And while Emma is out playing each night, I have found a new best friend… her name is Izzie.  I love this little girl.  Tonight we walked  up to Great Nana and Papa’s who we discovered were not home.  We snuck in their house anyway, made us some ice cream cones and then walked home hand in hand.  She’s in love with her hat right now and she’s giving me lots of laughs.  Too cute!

summer 09 003