What to say…..

That seems to be the problem these days.  I have a lot to say but the reality is, what do you say?  Where do you start when there are millions of things on your mind?  Do I talk about…

  • how I’m amazed at how God always crosses every T and dots every i when he has called you to do something?
  • Emma and her VBS adventures already this summer.  If you have it and we find it, we will come.
  • thoughts on how EVERYONE these days seem to have a cause… and I often wonder if many people even know what the cause they are fighting for is for.. make sense?
  • the bunk beds that just went up in our house and how I just realized this family will no longer ever need a crib.
  • missing Frankie… trying to know he’s ours but knowing we have 2 years ahead of us and how to process all of that.
  • how everyone seems to have their own ideas on God, church, worship, community, life, what it means to give, and somehow my head spins and thinks what in the world has this generation created?
  • wondering if I’m crazy that I’m ready to get Frankie’s room done now even though he won’t be here for such a long time.
  • working part part time…  I woke up this morning wondering if our family is doing the right thing? 
  • loving that my girls are really embracing sisterhood together… playing and having fun.  Every morning Izzie wakes up Emma so that she can take her to the potty.
  • moments of begging God to please use our family… please use Wayfarer… please allow our community to make a difference.
  • tired of a lot of Christians…
  • always amazed at people’s perceptions of me…  more and more I find out that who they think I am is not really who I am at all…  how does that happen?  It has given me a real personal disturbance.  Am I not being real with people or do they have pre conceived thoughts of me that need to be shattered.
  • running….  it’s very hard to run when your other half is never home.  Never thought treadmill running would happen when it’s so beautiful outside.
  • Eating out of our cabinets…  With Dave gone I’m on a mission to eat us out of house and home.  PBJ has become our best friend.  We even had it for breakfast today.
  • Love bloglines and the people I get to keep up with.
  • Coffee and how the BEST GIFT I’ve ever been given is my Kerig.  I’m the only one in this house who drinks coffee and it’s been a life saver.  Can’t live without coffee.  My coffee stained teeth will let you know that.
  • Kayleigh – this is Dave’s 7 year old sister.  I was just thinking yesterday driving her and Emma to VBS in the car…  I can’t believe I get to be in this little girls life on a daily basis.  Overwhelmed.
  • The adoption community – thank goodness for internet and blog friends that make me know that I’m not alone.  I’m super excited about one of my friends heading to China next week to get their daughter.  It’s been a 3 year process for them?  I think that is correct.
  • Met a family in our neighborhood last week.  They just moved here and have 4 daughters.  One is Emma’s age.  They all have terminal brain cancer. Still trying to shake that fact.
  • Summer – it is here.  I’m enjoying some time alone with the girls and praying that transition days with Dave are the best we have ever had..  That is the hardest part of the summer… He comes and goes but the hardest times are adjusting to when he gets home until he heads out again.  Makes for some interesting drama with us at times… Ha!
  • So anyone else have some bullet points to share?