Just got our June update on Frankie.. He is doing well. I sure do miss him. I just wish I could go hold him right now. … although it seems if I did, I might have a hard time catching him. He’s proving to be one that will fit into our home just well. He’s got some very active sisters that will give him a run for his money.

June update:

Active – that is the word to describe this little guy. He loves to run, run, run, and run! He never seems to stop and dislikes sitting still for more than a couple of minutes. He prefers not to listen to what he’s told, but who can blame him! His dimples are enough to melt anyone’s heart – he loves to show them to anyone who will talk to him or give him a smile. He’s starting to talk a bit, but prefers to sing little songs. Frankie is a happy little energizer bunny.