Game on!

So I am having the words of HSM3 song in my head… sorry it’s my kids… but for our family, today became Game on day.  I would like to think that each day of our lives is Game on day but for the sake of summer…it’s game on… CAMP time. 

Our family started it’s summer camp travel schedule today.  I say family because even when we are not with Dave we are still as much as a part of what he is doing as if we were there. I’m way too excited about this summer.  Dave and I spent a good chunk of the weekend talking about camp and things God has layed on his heart to share with the students that he gets the privilege to come in contact with.  I’ve seen him in prep mode this whole past month and I just love what God has been preparing his heart to share.   

Summers for me in the past have been hard at times.  Then somehow a few years ago life hit me head on and I just got a whole lot of perspective as to what it is our family is called to and the role it has been given to play in the Kingdom work that comes our way.  The role that I personally play in that as well.  And summer has never been the same since.   We all have Kingdom work that we can be doing.  And the great thing is that each person or family has their own thing that they can do.  So Game on people.  Let’s go live our dreams and impact lives of others in our individual ways that God is calling us to do it.