Last night before bed the girls and I were talking about our big summer that is planned.  Emma can’t wait to get to some camps with dad and Izzie is head over heals in love with the pool and swimming…  During our prayer time we prayed about it officially being summer and all the fun things we have planned to do as a family.  Then my heart dropped as we closed praying for Frankie and that he would have a great summer in Haiti.

I can’t wait for Frankie to be with us.  I can’t wait for him to one day anticipate our family summer as much as the girls do.  One day his daddy is going to get to take him to camp and just like Emma he’s going spend the whole following year talking about how awesome of a dad he has and what a fun time at camp he had… at least I hope that is what he will be thinking!

I’m missing you today.  Haiti is so HOT right now.  I’ve heard the childrens home has been without power for a week now due to the city power being down.  I’m sure Frankie is moving along day to day not missing a beat.  Playing and having fun with his friends and being loved on.  Actually I’m not guessing that is what is happening.. I know that is what is happening.  I know Frankie is in for an amazing summer as well.  See him here with all is friends?


My dear friend Sarah and her hubby Jason went to Haiti at the end of May to visit their daughter Naomi… (follow their journey here. ) While there they gave Frankie some major lovin.  Just got these picts this week.  How his hair is growing.. I just love it!  Can’t wait to get my hands on him hopefully sometime this fall.





We love you Frankie… You are imprinted on our hearts and never far from our thoughts….