That is what Izzie told me today….  Dear sweet Izzie.  Don’t you just love kids?  My oldest is such a pleaser and Izzie… well she’s going to be brilliant like her dad I believe.  I mean at the ripe old age of 2 she has her defiance/obedience nailed down.  She’ll throw something and when asked to pick it up… she’ll pick it up but she’ll first act like a dog and only give it to you in her mouth in return.  Don’t ask.  We’ve tried zillions of times to work through this with her but we now ignore her obedience with defiance and thank her for picking up what she threw.

Today she was going potty and I normally come behind her and make sure she’s wiped like she should.  Today she had a total meltdown because she felt she did a good job herself and how dare I try and help.  I simply closed the bathroom door and let her work out her feelings.  Soon the crying stopped and the door opened.  She came out with a big grin as if to say “that will show her!” When I put 2 and 2 together and opened the door this is what I found….


Oh dear sweet Izzie, when will you learn that you can’t play these games and win.  She really enjoyed her time in the naughty chair.. so in the end I showed her! 🙂 Sorry for taking the pictures.  It’s just that these times as frustrating as they are vanish all too quickly.  I love my girls and each day is a wonderful adventure.  They really keep me on my toes! And this little girl gave me such a laugh today!