We finished the race.  As soon as I get pictures I’ll post them.  It was a great day. I was really nervous as it started but then it became fun.  Dave and I ran with our friends David and Courtney so that made things fun…too fun.  Can I say fun one more time?  Running/fun/who knew?    I just got on the race site to see our stats…  Um, do I dare even post them?  It just matters that we finished right?  Anyway out of 1150 half marathon runners…  I was the 1118 person to cross the line.  Wow, were we that bad?  No not really but just goes to show you how good some runners are out there that compete at this thing.  We ran a 12:42 minute mile… which for me was just great.  The best best  best part of the whole day was a few seconds before crossing the finish line Courtney and I grabbed hands and crossed it in victory together.  Which leads me to this last point.  There are A LOT of things that you can choose to do in life alone and for those that do that… awesome…  But if you choose to invest and do life with others… well then that awesome just turned into Fandango.  I’m so thankful for this Awesome experience but more thankful that it was not experienced alone but along side a team mate…. and for that, it was Fandango!

Oh and last of all… my apologies for being the first time runner who….

  • made my team wait at mile 2 while I ran to the bathroom…  I so messed up our time during that stop.
  • almost got hit by a car because I started running outside the cones


1118 137   882 Kim Rhodes           33 F Greer        SC 2:44:48 2:46:28 12:42