I’ll be honest.. I can get pretty annoyed with people’s blogs or facebook statuses that always update on “I’ve ran this many miles today or I did this class at the gym etc.”  Half the time I’m annoyed because I’m normally sitting on my butt eating anything in sight and don’t want to hear it.  And I myself have become that person in some ways with status updates on my training etc.  But hey…  Here’s three more days of plugs and I’m going to brag till I’m blue in the face… Why you ask?  Well for one, today I marked off my last training run on my calendar.  I’m finished training and in less than 30 hrs I’ll be in Charlotte running a half marathon.  Something I’ve never really deamed possible.  So above is me.. last day of training.  My Awesome hubby gave me a $25 gift card to sports academy and I found myself an official runners outfit on the clearance rack.  Had to break it in before the big day.  So I look the part but this time I”m actually playing the part as well.

Things I’ve learned

  • Running… it’s really not all that bad… gulp dare I say it’s been enjoyable?
  • Who would have ever thought I’d say… “I just have to do 5 today.. no biggy.”
  • I’ve not lost 1 pound in 12 weeks of training.  Amazing.  I will say that my muscles have changed so I feel like I’ve changed a bit but those darn scales don’t show a thing.
  • I was out 2 weeks with major pain in my feet.  Not sure what happened but one day I woke up and it was gone (and I got different shoes) who knows!
  • Shoes – yes, they do matter. 
  • Commitment to something takes many ups and downs.  It was SO HARD the first three weeks but then it got better. 
  • My running partner – Courtney…  what fun we have had training together.  I would not have traded this journey with her for any other person.  I hope we keep this going.
  • I will never run a marathon… I know they say.. never say never… but I think I can safely say I’ve reached my max at 13.1
  • I want to start a weekend running club for ladies that live by… let’s all get together and run 3 miles…..
  • I had a dream that I had to run without my ipod and well I could not do it.  I’m addicted to music while running.  If it was not for my  little shuffle I would have been done after my first run.
  • All props to Courtney for always carrying our water on her…  I’ve mooched too many times to count.
  • The best thing… I get my shoes on and Izzie always says…. Mommy going running with Courtney?   Yup mommy’s going running and that means you get to play with Millie.
  • And many thanks to my dear mother who stayed an extra hour many days when I got home from work so that I could get my run in. 
  • And of course many thanks to my dear husband who has also made it possible for me to get out and run… although I dare say that he’s enjoyed the benefits of my new found joy of running so I think he has ulterior motives.

I’ll keep you posted.  Think of me this Saturday morning…  The Reichley’s and the Rhodes family will be trying to get our miles in before they kick us off the course!  Happy trails to you!