I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have had a thought go through my head these past few weeks that deserved a major blog… but then the time escapes me….  If I could have been keeping you up to date here are some of the things I would have taken time to tell you about.

  • The crazy travel schedule my husband has kept this spring.  So thankful for the opportunities he gets to take Wayfarer on the road but I’ll be honest it felt like he was gone every weekend. 
  • April – I need to count how many days in April that we are actually home and don’t have commitments…  soccer/school/tennis/showers/half marathon/trip to fl with Dave on one of his events/wayfarer golf/meetings… you get my point.
  • Frankie… Frankie… Frankie… Celebrating major break throughs this month but also have had the most heavy heavy heart I’ve had in this whole process.  Crying in Kohls buying him clothes.. crying a week later washing the clothes.. crying packing the clothes (our friends are heading to Haiti at the end of the month and are taking him some things for us)
  • Prayer times at night with the girls.  If you could hear my 2 year old and the things she talks to Jesus about before bed… Well it has brought this mom so many laughs and tears.  What a joy our kids are to us.
  • Running – Who would have ever thought I could run 10 miles? Not me.  I am so looking forward to this weekend and crossing the finish line with my training partner Courtney and my hubby….  Something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s really felt good to be running.
  • Tennis – oh tennis how I love thee… but it’s a tough one to swallow when I’m the weekest link on our team.  So not used to being that person.  I’m always one to contribute but not in this moment or time…   I’ll get there but it’s been a humbling ride.  But I still do love thee
  • Work – I love my job but I’ll be honest… I’ve never been so busy and feeling like there is always more to do that I did not get to.  It’s a good problem to have but it has made my days really focused and full.  almost too full but I’m thankful for a job.
  • Max and Ruby and Wow Wow Wubzy…  They have watched my children more than I would like but hey we all need the break.  There could be worse things buying for their time.
  • Family… celebrated Kayleighs b-day together and also Easter with Dave’s family.  Have to pinch myself…  I still can not believe they are here in the upstate.  It’s such a blessing….
  • Well kids are tired and bed is calling…. need to upload Easter Pictures and so many other things… Instead I’ll head to bed early, grab a book and catch up on the latest with Edward.