Watching new life come into this world NEVER gets old.  Jack William Norris made is quick arrival this morning and in a matter of an hour Wendy was ready to push and out he came.  8lbs, 6.6oz.  Jack is great and Wendy did so well.  It was that easy that she might as well keep them coming! 🙂

I’ve been in the hallways as each Norris child has entered this world.  And each time I get blown away at the reality of a friends big belly now a full on breathing child.  Life is so precious.  It really is the most beautiful thing.  Today in the hallway when I heard a new cry coming from behind the door I could not stop the tears from flowing.  I gave a look to Dave as if “I miss that and I could do that again…” he politley returned a look sealing that fate as not possible! 🙂 

I had such mixed emotions today.  Most of my close friends are nearing the end of their child bearing years.  Some are done having children and others are winding down.  I feel older.  Thank goodness Audrey and Chris have more expanding to do! 🙂  And I thought of Frankie today.  I thought and wondered about the day he entered this world.  I know his mama loved him very much.  She passed away shortly after he was born.  We don’t know any more details other than before she passed away she prepared a bag for him  (that has now been handed down to us) … things that she had to take care of him and in that bag she also placed a bottle of her perfume so that Frankie would remember her smell.  Oh a mothers love.

Watching Wendy with Jack today brought back the picture of a mothers love.  There is nothing like it.