I just love Reidville Elementary School.  I swear we have found a jewel in a haystack of yes, public schools.  Yesterday Emma forgot her baggy books at home so I dropped them off at the office.  When I walked in, the principle and the vice principal and office help all saw me and said…  “Hello Emma’s mom.” There is no reason for any of them to know my name but they do and of course they go on about how they love Emma.

And this morning like most mornings…. our principal is out in the car line opening doors and knows my child by name and always enjoys the hugs she gives.  Not to mention her amazing Godly teachers who are teaching her so much this year.  And the best thing of all…. It’s free!  and Emma is getting to have a posotive experience in the real world in which we all live.

Our situation could be so different.  We know many who have terrible schools that they have to attend.  I hope to be in this area for many years to come.  And if you are ever looking for a great place to live…  may I suggest the little town of Reidville to you?  It really is a wonderful place to raise your family.