One of my best and dear friends Wendy is having a baby.  Baby number 3, Jack will be on his way as he is scheduled to be delivered on Monday.  I know Wendy is very ready to have Jack here.  I think her pregnancy has gone by super fast.  She would beg to differ.  It’s been weird watching her journey through this pregnancy.  I’ve watched all the ones before this but this one has not seemed real to me and now he is about to be here.     I can’t wait to hold this new little guy because I think it will finally become reality to me and I can’t wait watch his brother Sam and sister Ruthie interact with him as he joins the clan. 

And does she not look great? I keep telling her that this is by far the best looking she has been in any of her pregnancies.  You look at her from behind and you don’t even know she’s carrying a child!   She’s going to kill me for posting this picture and then for not fixing the red eyes… but hey that’s what friends are for! 🙂