Do any of you have insecurities?  I have lots of them but with age I am trying to stare some of them in the face.  Right now I’m preparing for an event that some of us Wayfarer Woman have coming up on Thursday.  We are the featured speakers at a tea at Anderson University.    It’s funny because back in the day, I would love a chance to speak in public.  I gave speeches in high school, even at college as I was asked to do so.  No big deal.  And then transferring my senior year of college to be with Dave in B’ham did something to me.  I lost part of myself in that big change and lost a lot of confidence as well.   And not to mention I live with a person who communicates all the time to people.

But I’m tired of being insecure.  I have so much to say.  Especially on my story of rejection, insecurities,  and how that in turn has lead our family to be in the process adding children to our family through adoption.  It all collides and what is exciting is that I get to share part of that story this week with a bunch of college students.  And what a joy to be able to sit at a table with some of my dearest friends and really try and have impact on peoples lives with our crazy life stories…..  I’ll leave you with our description of us ladies….  I just read it again and got a good laugh.  It’s great to come together with girls from all different walks of life and do just that… do life together.

What do you get when you cross a pageant queen, a dramatic Yankee, a Kentucky farm girl, and a footloose preacher’s kid?  You get us. We are a divine sisterhood of chics with diverse backgrounds and interests, but united by common ministry, purpose, friendship, and commitment. 

From the four corners of our experiences, we love to meet in the middle and then reach out to meet others where they are.