So I’ve been tagged for this thing like 10 times on facebook so here you go.  If you actually take time to read all the way through this I’ll really be amazed and surprised. I don’t feel I’m very interesting yet alone, who out there really cares about random details of my life that you may not know.  But if you do, well enjoy!


1.  I grew up as a pastors kid


2.  When I was in 5th and 6th grade I was a gymnast.  I even competed once in Canada.  I got Osgood slotter in my knee and along with my family we decided it was not worth it.


3. Our family once owned a horse.  It was for my sister.  His name was finest Gypsy Dancer.  He bucked me off one time and that is the last time I rode him.


4. I love sports. I was a point guard in basketball… played tennis and ran track.


5. I used to… not sure if I still do…. owned the school record for the 200m dash.  I think I ran a 27.0?  I hated track and running but did it anyway.  I mean I really hated it.


6. I played college tennis and since college have not picked up a racket.  How sad is that?  I really love tennis and wish I could play again.  Maybe someday I’ll have time and or money to do that.  Around here to play tennis you have to be in a club and again… who has the money for that stuff in life right now?


7.  If I could go back and live college all over again I would do it in a heartbeat.  I loved college.  It still to this day has been some of the best memories of my life.


8.  In college I once lead the encouragement team.  Yeah I really did.  People laugh when they hear that about me now.  I don’t know weather to take that as an insult or what?


9.  I love a vacation.  My favorite is a cruise.  I just love a cruise.  And I love a good meal.  There really is an art to fine dining!


10.I once was in a musical in high school.  I had one of the lead roles.  That can tell you a lot about our high school.  It was very small.  I was terrible.  I cringe just thinking about trying to be a singer/actress.


11.I grew up… up north.  I am a true Yankee.  I have been in the south now for 15 years but I must say I like the pace of things up North so much better.


12. If smoking was not bad for you and had no effect on your health I think I would be a smoker.  Yeah think what you want. 


13. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher.  My degree is even in Early childhood/elementary education.  But I have never taught.  Although my kids think I am a pretty cool mom I would hope.  I always have a project for them to do and they seem to love it.


14. When stressed out there is nothing I would rather do than clean.


15. I love art.  I am really an artist at heart.  I love to paint and back in the day do pottery.  If I could have a kiln and a wheel at my home I would just love it.


16. I have an alter ego that comes out when I’m with my girlfriends.   They have even named her.  Her name is Mik.  That is all you really need to know about that.  Although I must say you would love Mik.  She’s a very fun person to hang out with.


17.  I am treasurer of our Home owners Association…. hmmm someone must think I’m good with money… they just need to tell my husband that as well.


18.  Right now my kids are begging me to run around the house and be “tickle monster” hold on I’ll be right back….


19.  I just got the little one and then the big one….  I’m out of breath.


20. I love my curly hair.  Well it’s loosing some curl as I’ve had kids and am getting older.  I used to HATE it growing up but now I just love it  Wish my kids had it but they don’t have much curl.  So sad for them.


21. I’ve painted my kitchen 4 times… nope 5.  And I still don’t like the color.  It’s just one of those things… I get a color up and then I think “what did I just do?”  The funny thing is half the time Dave never knows the color has changed.


22. I love to blog.  I do it more for myself than anyone else.  I create books of my blogs from year to year.  I figure my kids will appreciate it one day all the stuff their crazy mom thought about.


23. Here’s one for everyone.  I voted for Obama.  Yup, I’m an Obama Mama!  I am really excited about his term in office.  I don’t think many people know that about me.  I am not big into politics.  But I did much prayer and research over casting my vote.  I’ve always voted Republican.  But not this time.  I really enjoyed Brian McClarens thoughts on why he voted for Obama as well.  I think he is the best person to articulate my thoughts on my vote. And yes I’m still a Christian and yes I am pro life.  If you are confused then I’d suggest do some investigating of your own.


24.This past year I bought a hair straightener.  Never knew they had them out there that really worked.  It’s been fun.  It’s added a new dynamic to our marriage as well.  What other husbands out there get to sleep with two different women?  He’s one lucky man! 🙂  And talking about my hubby…  seriously, the day I met him my life was changed forever for the better.  I love my husband.  Don’t know what I ever did to cross paths with him and do life with him but I am so so thankful.  He has given me one amazing life full of adventure, faith, dreams. 


25.  I hate stand up comedy.  Dave loves it.  Makes for some interesting dynamic between the two of us.  Over the years I have realized that going to a really comedic movie with my husband is not always the best thing for our marriage.  There is something about sitting next to a Jr. High Boy who is in his 30’s and hearing him laugh at things that I go…. “Seriously if you think that is funny I have no clue who you are! J  Give me a love story any day of the week.  Can I say Twilight?  I loved that series.  The thing is I’m not alone.  I met a lady on the plane last week who is maybe 45?  She was reading Breaking Dawn for the 2nd time.  Wonder what in the world I am rambling about?  Again, go find out for yourself…… and don’t blame me when you are hooked.


Well there you go.  Again if you finished reading this last line I am shocked!  Have a great day everyone!