It’s that time of year where for the next few months this is what will be laying in the middle of the floor of our bedroom.  It’s Disciple Now season and Dave has started his spring travel.  It’s always bitter sweet for me.  We have just had a CRAZY last 6 months.  We normally have some down time before a busy spurt hits but not this year.  We’ve gone from one thing to the next…. Dave’s family moving here, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Dave’s brother getting married, my trip to Haiti and now travel season has hit.

But we are so thankful for opportunities to take Wayfarer on the road.  And I’m just going to get some good time in during the weekends with the girls adn we’ll make the best of it.  Dave always comes home so spent from a weekend away but it’s always so encouraging when they have been “good” weekends.  He had a great time this past weekend with a group from Madison, MS.  It always does this wife and mom good when he comes home so encouraged about what God is doing in the ministries of other people and to some way be a part of their journey.  I’m so proud of Dave.  With the passing of his mentor this past month, Danny at the young age of 40… I told him as I always have in the past…. whatever it is you feel God calling our family to do, I’ll do it. I’ll support you. I’ll go anywhere with you. Let’s just make sure we are doing the best with the time we have here. 

And so many people we know are taking their personal passions and living them out in so many ways.  It’s really been an encouraging season of life for me right now.  And thus we are not perfect.  Life in ministry is hard.  It does have it’s Really bad days but for this weekend I’m thankful for the good days it brought our family.

Tomorrow I think I’ll finally be doing that 25 things about me post that has been floating all over facebook.  I’ve been tagged way to many times and I need to get some fun back into my updates.  I miss the fun Kim.  She’s been gone way to long so hopefully she’ll be making a comeback.