This is the last post for me for a while on Haiti.  I’ve been home now for 3 days and am finally getting some feeling back as to what it was like seeing and being with Frankie for the first time.  Thank you all so much who have followed our journey and my trip back to Haiti….  I wanted to finish my thoughts on the trip with thoughts on the people I went with.

When Dave and I started our adoption journey through Haiti back in June we never would have imagined that within a few short weeks of making that decision that two other families also on the trip with me this past May would be making the same decision as well.  And better yet, I never would imagine that only 8 months after we first spent a week together serving in Haiti that we would all three return together but this time as mothers eager to each meet and see our children.  8 Months.  Life has changed for all of us in that short period of time. 

Sarah  pictured to my right and her husband are adopting Naomi from Maranatha… the same place that Frankie is at.  Debra on the far right and her family are adopting Ronel who lives with Licia and Lori at the Rescue Center in Cazale.  They each have a wonderful story as to how God called their families to make this journey.  But I must say that like myself it all started in May with our visit to Haiti.  The trip that changed all of our lives.  It was the first time Sarah or Debra had  been to Haiti.  I would love to one day here in the future to gather a group of people and take them to Haiti for a visit.  I think that those who would decide to go would be amazed at how just one week there would possible change their lives forever in so many different ways.  I’m so thankful that Aaron and Jamie Ivey did that for a group of us back in May.

You never know when God will bring amazing people into your life to walk with you through anything that you may be going through.  I am so thankful for these woman.  On our last night together in Miami before we headed our own ways the following morning we just had a great girl time together.  I think the reality set in that to all of us that this journey is not just a two year journey together but that it’s a life journey together.  That God has made such a special bond between all of us and I know that our hopes and desires are that as our children one day come home that we will be able to celebrate life together with our kids until we all reach a very old age.

So 8 months.  Life can change in 8 months.  It has brought our family a new family member, cherished friends, a different way of living life from day to day, provisions as so many people have generously given towards our adoption.  I wonder what God will do in your life these next 8 months for us and for you.  Anything is possible.