My hubby does it all the time.  Manages to surprise me.  We are slammed here at Wayfarer today and no one really had time to go and do lunch for my birthday…. well that is because Dave brought lunch in for everyone.  What a great surprise! 

And this is what I got for my birthday from the girls along with a massage later this week!  We are all a bit Twilight Obsessed Lately.  If you have not read the series then you probably won’t get it and if you have then don’t be jealous of my new shirt.  The only rule is that I can only wear it when I run.  Which is not often and I’m in major trouble in training for a half marathon at the end of March in Atlanta.  And regarding the shirt.   No questions asked please and no comments to be made!  Yes I know I’m 33 and not 13…. oh well.