Do you have people that you know in your life that inspire you to do things you only dreamed about?  I’m sure if we all took a minute to pause and look back or in our lives we would all find those people that when we see their lives in action…. they somehow leave us wanting to make our lives better.  This past year I have had several of those people cross paths in my life and this girl is one of them.  She’ll probably be mortified that I linked her.  Oh well. 

Their family has taken in this little girl Fedna while she is in the states and yesterday was her surgery day.  I thought about her all day long.  This morning this is what was posted on her blog.


We’re in our room and I think Fedna is finally asleep for the night!  I’m tired.  Waiting in a waiting room for 11 hours wears you out!!!

Talked to doc and surgery went good. Took a lot longer than they expected.

We’re settled kinda and she’s asleep.  I’m hoping that she’s not in pain.  I’m going to get a quick shower, make my little bed and try to sleep as much as I can.

I had some good thinking tonight and I’ll fill in on that when I can get my thoughts together.  Love this little girl.  I know her momma and papa must be super proud of her.  She’s a fighter.  She’s a miracle.  She’s a champ!

I’ve been challenged this week at Crossroads through a yearly renewel and revival.  Trying to articulate what I want from God, what He wants from me and how that collides to redefine normal in my life.  There have been these thougths going through my head that I keep telling Dave..  I don’t know why I am having these thoughts… what does that mean? Am I really to start acting on them?” Needless to say, I think it’s coming time for me to dump out my pockets and do some things that some people may be left wondering… “you are doing what?”  So there you have it.  Please keep praying for Fedna and that she has a easy recovery.