I was looking back to this time last year…  Jamie was in Haiti and I was getting excited about my trip back there as well after so many years, our friends just got a contract on their house that they were in the waiting of selling,  and we were in the starts of revival service at our church. 

This year one of my friends was very quick to point out that.. “33, the age Christ was when he died”.   Wow, thanks….. And we are once again in revival mode at our church and of course that always throws me under the truck and if it holds true like last year I’m bound to get my life really messed up again in a good way. 

33…  well would it be weird if I told you that before this weekend I was not sure what age I was turning?  Was it 32. 33. 34?  You see after 30 my mind just stops thinking about it.

BUT I can’t complain.  This year is the year of simplicity for me.  Hopefully that will also mean a simple day of a few birthday wishes and then we can all keep moving on.  I’m thankful for 33 years on this earth.  In some ways the journey has been so quick and in others so long.  But this for sure… my birthday ALWAYS reminds me how time is in the play and that there are still so many things I have yet to accomplish or dream to do. 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes so far.  It’s not even 8am and my facebook wall is already filling up.  It’s so great to be loved and thought of  by so many people.