I am EXHAUSTED.  Dan, Dave’s brother is getting married tomorrow and we were gone all day with festivities and then tonight was our families time to host the rehearsal dinner.  It was a great time honoring them.  We had an open mike and Emma unannounced to us, got out of her seat and took the stage.  I was thinking.. “oh my, I have no clue what she is about to say”  all those parenting moments come back into your head, the good and the bad and you wonder if you’ve ever done or said anything that you should not have that your kids pick up on and will now announce to the world.

She was BRILLIANT.  She certainly does not get that from her mother. She owned the stage.  I’m still in shock.  She took the whole night away.

So tomorrow my brother in law is getting married.  We are looking forward to another full day.  Pictures I promise.