Dave and I have embarked on a new year…


A new year brings lots of new things to everyone…  So what am I anticipating for this new year?  I think I have narrowed it down to one word….. Simplicity.

So what do I mean by that?  Well here are some thoughts..

  • I want to simplify life – that includes… my home, my work, time with Dave and the kids, my friendships. There are just so many “things” that come into your life and can make life… well not very simple. 
  • I am praying for Simplicity in our Adoption process with Frankie.  That as we look back on this year that we will be amazed at how simple things seemed to be.  This may prove to be wishful thinking but I’m claiming that word for this year.
  • Wanting to get back to simplicity with friends and family.  Take more time getting to the heart matter of things instead of getting caught up in the other things that don’t really matter.  To build on friendships and relationships that I have. 
  • To find ways to do life more simplified so that we have more to purge into other people’s lives.
  • To find very simple things that I can do as one wife, one mother, one person that can make maximum impact in the lives of others.

So I am anticipating a great new year.  I’ve kind of got to the point where I’m in my thirties now and life seems to be passing me by at record speeds.  I really just want it to Slow down a bit but I don’t see that happening.  So instead I better jump on the wagon and get moving.  Really searching the desires of my heart and am making sure that each day is not wasted.  That I’m doing everything I can to live a life that matters.

It’s funny because Dave’s word for this year is Enough.  Knowing when in any part of his life that things are enough.  That he does not have to meet the status of any one else’s expectations but that he is doing what he is being called to do… husband, father, provider, worker… and knowing the balance of what is enough for him. 

I love it because he did not know my word and I did not know his but in ways we simply compliment each other.  Which perfectly explains how we ended up together! 🙂

Happy New Year to Everyone.  Looking forward to YOUR journey as well as sharing MINE in the process!