Weddings are a lot of things… Major planning, lots of stress, more planning, the mixing of families and extended families that do or do not know each other, making sure there are times of intentional meaning to things…  Lots of guys and girls mixing and then at the end of everything you wonder what happened to the weekend as you sit and feel like a train ran over you.

All that to say, we had a wonderful weekend celebrating Dave’s brother… Dans wedding.  Dave was the best man, Emma was a flower girl.  I sat and watched in support and Izzie… for as little time as she was even present during the weekend made sure to stress her mother out. 🙂  But it’s all over now.  Dan and Elizabeth are married and they are off to their honeymoon.  It will be fun to have another girl to the Rhodes side of the family. 

Dave wrote a blessing for their marriage that we shared with them on Friday at the rehearsal dinner.  I love intentional blessings for children and marriages and other things in life.  We had a wonderful time as their community of friends blessing them….   Again, congrats Dan and Elizabeth…. we are so happy for you.

Dan and Elizabeths Blessing…

“May your marriage become a welcomed means of grace in your life— 

graced by the presence of one who loves you as you are,

gracious in your resolve to become better together than you are on your own,

graceful in your determination to grow more refined with age,

and gracing others with your presence because they too were welcomed in by your love.”