Recalling Top 10 Events for 2008 in no particular order…..

Haiti 001

  • Izzie learning to Walk, talk and be sassy.
  • Twilight (the whole series) Yup, it got me.  Enjoyed a break from the norm.
  • Discovering Facebook… I’ve loved connecting with so many people from my past
  • Vacation times with Family and Friends.
  • Many new friends made across the blog world.. who would have thought that so many people would have impact on my life through the simple act of blogging.
  • Dave’s parents moving to the Upstate… they literally now live 5 minutes from us.  How did that happen?
  • The gift of Frankie – our son

And I must say, some words that i hope have really defined me as a person this year.

Hope Sees, Faith Moves, Love Gives.  – These words have penetrated my heart.  I am hoping that they catipult me into the wonderful era of my 30’s as I seek to do something impactful and inspiring with my life.  Looking forward to what God has in store for me in 2009.