It’s Tuesday and we are already in for a busy week. Today I’ve got to think about my list that captures 2008. Look for that tomorrow.  We are heading to Charleston today to spend New Years with our friends. It’s a tradition we’ve carried over the past years.  Can’t wait to finally get the car loaded and be on our way.  And then we return from Charleston to Celebrate Dave’s brother… Dan’s Wedding.  He’s getting married this weekend!  After all these years he finally found someone that would put up with him.  He’s been staying with us and we are looking forward to being part of the festivities.  Dave is his best man, Emma is to be a flower girl.  Fun Times!

Here is Dan.  Probably listening to music and getting ready to read his book.


Dave made his way back late last night from VA. He was there with a group from GA for a Winter Ski Retreat. It happens EVERY year… He always has an event a few days after Christmas and he dreads heading out the door when everyone else has family gatherings to attend. But he had a great weekend. He’s been with this group many times before and our family REALLY enjoys having opportunities to have constant impact on a group of people if we can. Emma had a really hard time with him leaving. It’s been a while since he has been gone for the weekend. We are about to hit a busy time for our family as far as Dave traveling so I’m sure Emma’s in for some transition time again. But I must say I can not complain. Yes my husband travels a lot and his travel happens in spurts. Spring and Fall weekends and then gone 8 -9 weeks in the summer but it does not compare to some other ladies I know who’s husbands travel. I met a girl this past May who’s hubby is gone every week… He leaves Monday morning and they see him again Friday. So all of that to say, I feel very fortunate for the travel schedule Dave has.  Plus it brings many adventures our way and this family is always in for an adventure.

With that said, I hear Dave calling my name asking if I’m on the computer again!  The girls are running wild around the house and it’s only 9:30.  Off I go to embark on another busy day.  That also means packing the car since even after almost 11 years of marriage.. there are some things my husband still needs help with!