In 53 days I’m going to get a chance to meet our son Frankie!! 

Yep you heard correct.  Some amazing…amazing…amazing people called me last week and said they wanted to give me a ticket to go see Frankie.  Dave and I have been talking about getting to Haiti.  Maybe late spring or early fall at best.  We committed to each other at the beginning of this journey that until we could make a dent in our upfront adoption costs that we would hold off on trips.  2 years is such a long time and we know we’ll be making some trips so we are just trying to be wise about when we can financially do so.  It’s so hard because your heart wants to be there but the reality of life just can’t make it happen.

So to get a call and to somehow be able to go NOW… and accept such a gift… I’m still in a little bit of shock.  I mean how do you say thank you for the chance to go and really meet your son for the first time? You can’t really.  You just say thank you and receive.  This family I know expects nothing in return.   But in our hearts we hope we can and will be able to do the same for someone else down the road when we are able.  We will continue the blessing that was created for our family by passing it on to someone else.   That is the amazing thing about giving.  Sometimes it’s your turn to receive and then sometime it’s your turn to Give.    Certainly don’t feel like we deserve it. 

So the countdown is on. The End of January will be here before you know it and finally I’ll get to wrap my arms around our little man who has stolen our hearts.  The journey of adoption brings with it a wide range of emotions.  I wish I could snap my fingers and be at the end of the road but I will promise this.  In the waiting… I will cherish the struggles, the blessings, the unexplained gifts, and the generosity of people, the hard questions.  Because it’s in the journey that Hope Sees, Faith Moves and Love Gives.