Last night Emma came to me with a game idea.  She wants to have a thankful log today at our dinner with our friends and Family.  “What’s a thankful log I asked?” She said, “It’s a log that we pass around and when you hold it you have to say what you are thankful for.” I thought that was a great idea so off she went yesterday to our yard to find a log.  She found one and then spent lots of time painting it as well.

So today when I get the log passed to me I’m not sure what will be my one thing I utter in a crowded room but here is what is on my heart today. 


  • I get to do life with my best friend. He has and continues lead our family on such amazing adventures.  I’m thankful for his love, sacrifice, and passion for me and for life.
  • I have two wonderful beautiful girls who bring SO MUCH JOY to my life.
  • I have a son who has captured my heart who I can’t wait to meet and bring home.
  • I get to experience the joy of the journey of adoption.
  • There are people in Haiti… who are daily giving their lives away and by sharing and reading in their journey I get to see God’s amazing hand at work.
  • In a bad economy, I still have a job and God continues to provide
  • I have had good health
  • I have a safe, warm, expansive home that I could spend the rest of my life in.
  • I have cars that run that get us to where we need to go
  • I have a community of friends that give so much to me that totally enriches my life
  • I have extended family who live among us and I get to experience the blessing of
  • And quite possibly I can say that through anything life has swung my way, God has ALWAYS been faithful to meet me where I am and in those different moments provide, grow, challenge and bless me in His ways.

I don’t know what tomorrow will hold for me or my family but today I REMEMBER the things I am Very Thankful for.  Have a wonderful day everyone being thankful!.