Last Year Christmas


November and December are always busy months for me.  Way too busy.  Minus all the Christmas stuff.. Izzie has a birthday in November and Emma one in December.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever even get to start my Christmas shopping which I dread every year.

Christmas.  One might think I’m a “Ba Humbug”.  I could have gone this year without decorating the house, getting a tree, or buying anything for anyone.  But I have a husband who whispers in my ear and tells of memories and blessings that we need to bestow on people.  He reminds me of the sparkle in the kids eyes as they roam our decorated house and anticipate the letters to Santa and the make believe that happens around this time.  About sharing the story of baby Jesus.  God here on earth.  Dave He loves Christmas and Loves being Santa to everyone.  Loves the holiday.

I know I’m not the only one that struggles with gift giving.   I know so many people do.  The fact is deep down, I don’t want anything for Christmas.  I don’t want to buy things for anyone for Christmas.  Why?  Why spend money on giving people things that they don’t need or that they “want”.  And then yesterday I was reminded of something that will get me through.  Our pastor started a series this week on Christmas and he made this statement.  “Gifts are as much about the giving as they are about the receiving.”  I have to remind myself of that when I look at my family and ask if we can just not exchange gifts this year.  Seriously, who am I to suggest to put a stop to the most human thing that someone can do….. to give. 

I’ve sat on that yesterday and today.  And yes it’s hard to see people buy us things that are wants and not needs and us do the same but I really have to be reminded of how benefitical it is that the human heart GIVES.  Because THAT is what Christmas is all about.  About our God sending His Son to us.  The God that showed Love by Giving.

So I am really hoping that this Christmas will be that for our family.  That we will choose our gifts wisely and that when we give of them and watch others open them that we will see past the gift and see the beautiful act of giving that will be a reminder and also a catalyst to live each and every day of our lives that way.

Love Gives.