We have a house!  Ok, I don’t have a house but Dave’s parents do.

Imagine going to a community that you would potentially like to live in.  They would build you your home.  You ask for the largest floorplan they offer.  You get the best lot you could get.  You spare no expense and whenever there is a chance to upgrade you do it.  From Screened in porches to custom cabinets.  From hardwoods to upgraded carpet to even installing the jets in your tub.  They ask if you want this, and you say yes.  Then they write up the ticket.  The house costs a lot.  Then they surprise you because they say this house is already built and move in ready for you.  It even has all your blinds in place.  Then they say… just because we are moving out of the area, the economy is bad and we want this house off of our books in the next few weeks,  we are going to take off 96,000.00 of the price of this home for you.  Do you want it?  Does this stuff even happen?  I would NEVER imagine it could but it did. 

Dave’s parents have found a home.  It’s beyond beautiful.  It’s beyond anything I could ever imagine for them.  Debbie walked in and started to cry.  It’s too good to be true.  The price of the house… it can’t be possible?  No way did that just happen?  There has to be a catch right?  No catch.  It’s now their home and they are moving in in 2 weeks.  As I look at what has unfolded for them in their journey I just really can’t believe it.  Sometimes you serve God you whole life and just get by.  Sometimes you serve God and random blessings come your way.  Either way you still serve and you still give your life away.  But when the unexplained blessings do come you just have to sit back and sit in awe and thank our father for his unexpected and undeserved blessings.