It’s early this morning and I was stirred awake.  Ever have those times?  Times where you are so tired but you awake so alert and can’t do anything else but get up.  It’s always in those moments I’ll slip away in a quite house and ask God what he wants to whisper to me.

This morning I begin praying for a house for Dave’s parents that we will be looking at this morning for them as they make their way here today.  A house that seems to be a fairy tail ending.  And I sit in awe as I think about their story and how good God has been to them.

Was it September when this all happened?  I can’t remember.  Dave’s dad is a pastor of a church in Rockledge FL.  He has been there for 22 years.  His whole life he has been serving God.  He is an amazing man.  He gets up each day and gives every bit of himself away.  He’s a hard worker and life has been hard on him. Life has been rewarding for him but hard.  NOTHING has ever come easy.  Since I have know him all he has ever wanted to do was to serve God the best that he could.  He once told me that if God never had anything else for him that he would be fulfilled if he did not get to live out his dreams but if his 2 sons would. 

Well this past August they were making a trip to see us.  They try and come 2-3 times a year.  Before leaving one day at their office Dave’s mom had printed out some papers and on a random header was a church staffing listing for a position at Spartanburg Community Church.  Now they have looked for jobs before when things at the church were not going well but things were going very well and they were not looking for anything.  They called us and asked if we knew this church.  We did.  They are one of the churches in Spartanburg that support Wayfarer.

A few calls were made.  And then, since they were in the area visiting us, they were able to  meet with the pastor of the church, some elders.  The conversations went well.  You see Dave’s dad has an interesting dynamic to him.  He is older.  He is a grandpa…. he is a pastor….. and he has a 6 year old daughter.  He understands what it is like to pastor a church for 20 years.  He understands what it’s like to be a grandpa and older.  He understands what it is like to be raising a child in todays world.  He is very diverse and the position they wanted him for is to be an associate that does a lot with helping families grow spiritually etc.

So how does this story unfold.? Only in what God can do.

  • They were offered a job.  Out of more than 200 possibly potential people interested in the position he got offered the job.
  • They sold their house in FL for their asking price in 2 weeks. (That does not happen in FL if any of you are from there.  Houses are not selling.  Houses are not selling at asking prices.  The first person to look at the house is buying it.)
  • On his last Sunday at his church in FL last week, one of the couples who founded the church who lives about 2 hrs from the church, woke up that morning and felt they needed to go attend Dave’s dad’s church.  They did not know it was his last Sunday. 
  • Yesterday, there has been a house found here in the area that they are looking at.  My friend Courntey called me and said she saw this house.  The house just dropped 30,000.00.  It has everything Debbie has ever dreamed of and it’s almost a house that is being given away.  It’s huge, It’s new, It does not seem like this could be happening for them….. but I think it is….

I was stirred awake this morning because I have spent the last month watching the wonderful blessings of God unfold in someone elses life and just when I begin to think that there is no way that could happen, it does and it unfolds.

I am so happy for them.  I am thrilled about their new journey.  I’m excited taht they will be living close to us.  That my kids will be able to have a relationship with them that is no longer distant.  Spartanburg Community church is going to be richly blessed.  They just hired a man that will work harder than anyone they’ve seen and will give his life away.  I’m sure there will be many hurdles of many sorts to come but for now I just want to publicly thank God for being so good to his people.  For being so good to our family.  NEVER… I mean NEVER in a million years would I ever have thought that my parents and now Dave’s parents would be living in community with us.  NEVER!